SIMSOC Leadership Training

SIMSOC, short for Simulated Society, is a highly experiential, interactive, dynamic group leadership and team building exercise where participants create a mock community, encountering real-world challenges and opportunities that occur when governing a society. The players take on a variety of roles and grapple with issues like abuses of power, justice, diversity, trust, communication, leadership and strategic thinking as they negotiate through their own version of a community.

SIMSOC imposes few rules and there are no programmed outcomes. It’s entirely open to the interpretation, creativity and modification of a particular group. SIMSOC will make people ask questions, achieve their highest level of leadership capability, consult their moral compass, and challenge their views and perspectives of culture and community.

SIMSOC is a unique and meaningful experience for a wide range of participants that can enrich community leadership programs, enhance corporate training and team building efforts, and elevate youth and educational programs to a new level.

What Well Said PR brings to SIMSOC

Our educational backgrounds in advertising, public relations and mass communication, and work experience in leadership training, community leadership, public speaking, teaching and corporate communication, make us uniquely qualified to help your group explore SIMSOC.